Cybersecurity Awareness Month Resolution: Help Recognize the 8th Annual Cyber Security Awareness Month

Oct 5, 2011

We invite you to join us as original cosponsors of a resolution marking the 8th Annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month.  Between the digital rampages of the Anonymous group, theft of personal information held by public financial institutions, and release of the WikiLeaks files, 2011 has already seen some of the most high profile cyber breaches to date.  Our constituents are rightly asking what can be done to protect themselves and our nation from threats in cyberspace.

The White House’s 2009 Cyberspace Policy Review recommended a national public awareness and education campaign to help keep our citizens safe online.  Subsequently, a public-private partnership between the Department of Homeland Security, the National Cyber Security Alliance, and the Anti-Phishing Working Group established the “STOP. THINK. CONNECT” campaign to get citizens and businesses more engaged in cybersecurity issues. 

This resolution will mark October as the 8th annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month and recognizes the hard work of the digital warriors in the public and private sectors, while identifying the challenges facing our nation online.  Please contact Davis Hake ( with Congressman Langevin, Sally Stone ( with Congressman McCaul, or Kevin Gronberg ( with the House Homeland Security Committee if you would like to become an original cosponsor.