Energy Grid Cybersecurity: Learn about DoE's Efforts

Jul 11, 2012

Energy infrastructure serves an integral function in our lives, from the power plants that produce electricity, to the delivery systems that transfer and distribute it, to the control system “brains” that operate and monitor the grid.  Unfortunately, the technology underpinning these systems in most cases was not made for the challenges posed by today’s advances in automation and connectivity, leaving our energy grid uniquely susceptible to crippling cyberattacks and threatening the foundation of our modern economy.

Please join the Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus and Department of Energy Assistant Secretary Patricia Hoffman this Friday, July 13th, at 10AM in room Cannon 210 for a briefing and discussion about DoE’s ongoing efforts to achieve energy systems cybersecurity, including the newly released Cybersecurity Self-Evaluation Survey Tool, developed in collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security, industry, Carnegie Mellon University, and other federal agencies and stakeholders.  DoE briefers will be:

  • Patricia Hoffman, Assistant Secretary for the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE)
  • Samara Moore, Senior Cybersecurity Policy Advisor

We look forward to seeing you on the 13th.  For more information or to RSVP, please contact Michael Hermann in Rep. Langevin’s office at

The Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus was founded by Congressman Jim Langevin and Congressman Michael McCaul to raise awareness of cybersecurity issues and provide a forum for Members representing different committees of jurisdiction to discuss the challenges in securing cyberspace.  If your Member is interested in more information about the Caucus or would like to join, please email Michael Hermann (Langevin) or Phaedra Dugan (McCaul).